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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Writing Honor

What a prestige honor: My good family friend Nancy Klekas, passed away last week after a five year battle with cancer. The moment my cousin, Nicole, told me she had passed away, I went onto my deck and wrote A Shining Jewel in which I dedicated to her. Nicole told the family and shared the poem with them; they were so taken aback with it, they asked me to read it at the funeral. The sad thing with that is, even though that was such an honor, I write because it's the words I cannot say out loud. At my step-father's funeral, I couldn't speak either, but did write a poem for him as well which I titled Broken. However, the family was still so thankful that I wrote that, that they asked for permission to put it in the main program that they passed out during the viewing and funeral. That poem now belongs to them, and I feel wonderful knowing they shared it with one another. A lot of people came up to me at the funeral and said, "That poem was amazing," "That poem described Nancy perfectly," "I'm going to put it in our family book of memories,"(Nancy's father). And a few people said this, which meant the most to me: "Jessica, you are such an amazing and talented writer, never stop." It was truly an honor to be noticed for something I love to do. Write. In any shape or form of it. I usually don't write poems, unless I'm feeling extreme emotions, but this shows me that I truly need to follow through with this path; I think it can bring with it great success.
Going through this experience, it just goes to show you how much writing can influence people's lives. The impact a few words can make are life altering and definitely worthwhile.
Nancy - Words cannot describe what a beautiful person you were on the inside and the out. May your memory be eternal. (Obituary) 


  1. Sorry for your loss, but its good that you found a way to express your pain and it touched and helped other people that knew her too. It feels good when something you write touches someone.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, but what a beautiful prolific way to express your feelings and what a touching mometo for your family. It's amazing what comes out during your most difficult times!

    (on another note, shout out from 20 Something Bloggers!)

  3. I'm sorry for your and your family's loss. What a great way to pay tribute- the written word really is an amazing thing. Thanks so much for your woc message!