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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Writer's Block

Well it's happened once again - I have writer's block....

 I really hate when this happens, but it's inevitable; when you write...you will receive writer's block from time to time. My problem isn't the ideas and where they are taking me (I have the entire back-story up and running)...the problem is getting these "thoughts" and "ideas" onto the paper. The writing isn't going how I want it to go and doesn't show my true talent. So then I get irritated and stop writing. The first chapter for some reason is killing me!
 I think the first chapter is so incredibly important because it's what really hooks your readers, so I want to make it beyond special; it isn't turning out that way. I think I'm giving too much information and trying to be descriptive when maybe I should just forget trying to go so in depth and let my character go about his day.

All I know is I need to get past this writer's block or I'm not sure this story will ever be finished. It just amazes me I can write a back story and create a world in a day...yet writing chapter 1 is like a dagger through my heart. I feel like every time I type on the keyboard, blood is rushing out because I'm dying slowly (sorry to be so graphic). It's just not turning out how I want it to go...so I must ask, any thoughts, ideas, or advice? This is really why I want to get WWW and running, but I need more people to sign up! Here is the LINK. So far just one person is in the group...hmm. Please people!! HELP!

And as far as my characters go, here is a little message for you: This is your story I'm writing! Keep talking to me and start helping once and a while. That would be lovely...thanks.
I did find this picture that has some good tips though! How's your writing going?? How do you get through these hard times of writer's block?


  1. I feel like the first chapter is the hardest to write. You have so many thoughts but don't know where to begin or when you do begin you feel like it isn't how you imagined it, you just can't get it right. Its why my many book ideas never ever get written, the dreaded first chapter!

    My advice is to write something that you can live with for now, move on to the real points in the story that your brain is itching to get out and then work your way back to create the perfect beginning. Some times starting in the middle is the best way to go.

    My second piece of advice is to pick three of your favorite books from three different authors and read the first three chapters. It will give you a reference, you obviously kept reading those books, read those chapters and ask yourself why? (why I chose the number three so much is beyond me. lol)

    Hope it helps let me know how it goes!!!

  2. I feel your pain for sure! It's like your characters have such high expectations! They chose YOU to tell their story!! What pressure!! Just keep telling them that the first chapter/first draft --- isn't the end all be all! They have to understand! :)

    Good luck!

  3. Keep writing. I hate my first chapter, too...but I'm on chapter 5 now and what of these days I'll get back to the first one and fix it.

    I get writer's block sometimes, too, when I'm working on a scene. I know where my story's going, I have the whole thing outlined, but it's the details that get me. Sometimes I can get three pages done in a day, sometimes I'm lucky if a few sentences get done.

    I have a writing notebook that I put inspiration, notes, possibilities in. Sometimes if I'm stuck I'll get out the notebook and just start writing out the problem and possibilities and that process really seems to help me work through to a solution.

    Laying in bed before I fall asleep and laying in bed after I wake up is when I get a lot of inspiration, too. I think through my book and work out problems (I did that just this morning with the scene I was working on...I worked out a solution as I was waking up that I was really happy with).

    Also, again, just write! When I'm not sure what's happening next I just start writing out something and often I come up with some pretty impressive stuff!

    The first draft is not going to be perfect...that's what the 12th draft is for...just get it down! I have written sections out of order (the first thing I wrote for my novel actually takes place in the middle).

    Quote from author Elizabeth Sims: "I never despair, having learned that if I just keep going, I'll get to someplace worthwhile."