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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Writing Corner

Sometimes I wish I could just create my own little space where I could write, write, oh and did I mention write? I feel like when I write in my room, there are constant distractions of the everyday life: the phone, my mom, the internet, getting hungry, other things to do, etc. What if you had that tranquil area where it was just you...a piece of paper...and a pencil? Well I might exchange that for a laptop, but it would be amazing to still have the old school paper/pencil and even a typewriter in there! Just your little area where you could share your talent. Also you could make it a reading room as well.

Here are some pictures I found of perfect little areas to read and write. I promise you, one day I'll have one of these:

 Anyone of these places would be the perfect little area to "escape" and do what you love to do. Hopefully one day I can create something of this sort; wouldn't that be fabulous? I think so too.
I went to Vegas this last weekend and saw Garth Brooks and met Dick Butkus (football legend). It's just so interesting to think that at one point these people were just like you and me: ordinary. They grow into something bigger that they can share with the world. It truly opened my eyes and makes me want to not only be a fabulous teacher, but a best-selling author. I want to share to the world what I hold inside my mind...which is utterly beautiful, I promise you that.
 Write on my friend... xo.


  1. I am in love with the closed away bed. I would love to cuddle up in an enclosed space with maybe a window inside and read, write and listen to music. Like a little hide away.

    I am so glad I found both your blogs, we have similar interests and the books we love are exactly the same. When I read your blogs I feel like its how I would write.

  2. Love those photos. They're all so beautiful.

  3. Ah, I'll take one of those retreats any day!! (Can I have the little purple house?)

    It's so inspiring!

  4. I love the one with the bed in the cabinet type thing with the window and book shelves....I want! :)