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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What does WWW stand for you ask? Well sit back, drink your coffee, and take a glimpse into something that I hope will become huge for aspiring authors.

WWW: (loosely translated) - "Written Word Workshop"
It's a way for us, the aspiring authors, to come together and start something special. It's a way for us to critique each other's work, share ideas and opinions, give advice, etc.

[I've created a forum and I'm on my way of making a website.
The forum is: WrittenWordWorkshop ]
  • Share your work 
  • Get your query letter, title, chapters, prologue/epilogue critiqued 
  • Gain advice from other writers
  • Find writing resources
  • Share ideas that might help make other's work publishable 
  • Make lifelong writing friends
Sometimes you feel lost when you are just starting out; I know I certainly did! But reading resources and getting on other websites, I found some writing friends that really helped the writing process become practical.
When you work with other writers, the finish line...and of course the journey, become visible. And that's important I think. I know there are many times where I just want some opinions about my novels. Of course I have family and friends, but sometimes I need others who understand where I'm coming from and where I'm trying to go. And accomplish of course.
So that's what I'm doing....calling ALL writers who are interested in joining the online experience of WWW!
If you are interested - you can contact me by email and sign up (I'm very good at responding and getting back to you).

Once we get a decent amount of writers - we'll get it started! We could even create another blog to share work and what not. If you have opinions about this, let me know as well.


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  1. I love this. I feel like writing is a passion of mine and I have ideas but having a support group that will help me be better will make me want to write even more. :)