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Monday, September 12, 2011

Keep Calm & Write On

This weekend was so hectic with the annual Greek Festival (which I speak about in my main blog Live Laugh Love), so I haven't had time to write as much as I'd like to lately.

But today I'm really going to start going...and write some more.

I ran a 5k for ovarian cancer this weekend at Sugarhouse Park, and I realized it's the perfect place to start writing move. It's a huge park in SLC and there are ponds, trees, fields, flowers, and a lovely creek. The perfect place to write.

So I think I'm going today or tomorrow to "get going" on my story, that of course I haven't forgotten about.

At the Greek Festival, I had people come up to me saying they've read my blogs and my poems and I have a true gift. Every time someone says something like that, it makes me want to get going even more! I need to follow through with this and I will.

I will.

When you have something that needs to be said, write about it. Well at least that's what I want to accomplish. Even if you have to put it off for a while, you can always come back to it.

I did get a great necklace I'm going to start wearing all the time though:
I actually am in the process of writing another poem for September 11th (which was the 10 year anniversary yesterday). So many emotions go through that day...and the words need to be said. I wrote something in 9th grade - that's how old I was at the time - and it was something to my children someday so they know what happened that horrible day.

However we united as one and came close as a nation; that's powerful. Just as powerful as the written word truly can be.

We will never forget.

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