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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Secluded Area

So lately I've been going to a park that I always used to go to...but I found a perfect spot by the creek, and I spend my days writing there. It's so peaceful listening to the running water. The park is huge, so I never get disturbed. I'm in heaven.
Sugar House Park
I'm so excited for my newest novel; the Project FW is still in motion, but the new one (yet to be titled) really hits my past obsession. When I was little there was something I loved and that concept actually goes for both of my books, but it's crazy how I can turn something into a book and with a twist. It's not copying ideas, it's being "inspired" by them. I'm sure people will be able to see the similarities, but that's okay, that's what makes it so exciting. I also think it's awesome that one book series is going to be in 3rd POV and one is going to be in 1st POV. It's great to practice writing in each. 
It's amusing though, I get so much written, then I erase it, change the main character's name 14 times, etc. 

I suppose that's the process of writing right?

Writing is honestly my life right now, as well as fighting a career in teaching. 
In the Sugar House area, there is also an adorable little bookstore called: The King's English Bookstore. I still haven't gone there, but it's been around for a long time. It's small, independent and locally owned. The best part? They support Utah writers a lot. And they help with advice and hold monthly writing workshops. I'm definitely in. I want to make a good first impression, because that would be awesome to work with them someday. 
 I also just joined GoodReads: Jess so everyone should go look at my page. I'm constantly adding more books and reviews (I read a lot).
I'm off to Idaho to visit my family...and I plan to write for the full 6 hours. Hopefully I can get 5 more chapters done *fingers crossed*. I'm going to look for these along the way to become my new inspiration and ideas!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. This area looks gorgeous. I love little independently owned bookstores.

  2. What a beautiful area you live in. I think writing is a vocation, it's an isolated driven life but if it's in your bones then you have to answer it's call.

  3. What a cool tree to write/read under. Beautiful place and love the bookshop! *turning green*

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a note Jessica!