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Friday, September 16, 2011

Part of Your World

It's an amazing concept to me, that I've always been a writer. Ever since I could write at the age of five years old, it's consumed me. But only last year did I decide I want to really share my work. I really wanted to be published and enter "that world." I love reading, it's right up there with writing and teaching, but I realized I want to be on the other side. I want to be the author writing these incredible stories that so desperately need to be told, and hook readers in. I want them to be talking about my stories for ages and for my book to have made a difference in their life, like so many books have changed mine.

I am trying to read "how to" books on getting published, writing more efficiently, grammar, etc. But the biggest tool is just to write. Oh and did I mention reading even more than I already do now? I can't be picky either; to be successful, you have to read outside of the preferable genre that you like to take shelter in. That way you can see the different styles of writing. It's fantastic. The whole process truly is.

I'm on WriteOnCon and my page is: J_Ruud. It's a great way to work with other writers and for critiquing. That's what I truly need: a critique partner. I need someone to flat out say, "Wow, that's terrible, but try this..." That would come in handy and I need that aid. So hey, if anyone is looking for a writing partner or some help, please contact me!

I feel like I have so much more to learn, and not just with writing, but entering the writing world. I know it just takes time and the more I read, go to conferences, meet authors, meet other writers, write, etc. I'll understand the concept a lot clearer.

How did you all get started with writing? What tools do you all use? I'm very interested. Also a question I wanted to ask writers, what POV do you like writing in more? 1st or 3rd? I actually like 3rd more, but I think there are pros and cons with each of them.
It's a rainy day and all I want to do is: put comfy clothes on, read, movie in the background (quietly), and then write...and write, and write some more :) The perfect way to spend a Friday if you ask me.

Enjoy your weekend writers!


  1. Hi Jruud. I found you on 20sb...

    I'm also an aspiring writer like you. As of now, I am still in the process of improving on my writing. I also plan to enroll on an online creative writing class, but I still have to earn money to pay for it.

    It's supposed to be the rainy season here in the Philippines but the temperature is high and it's really hot even if it rains!

    Hope you're having a great weekend! :-)


  2. I love reading 1st person pov so I usually write that way. I think there is so much more emotion conveyed and I fell more connected to the characters when its through the main characters eyes.

    I know a recently published author so when your done with your book you can summit it to her publisher and see what happens. If you ever need anyone to read your work and critique I would love too. I love seeing other peoples writing styles. Its amazing how different everyone's is.

    My email is DMS0309@gmail.com if you ever need an opinion. :)


  3. Hey girls!

    Good luck Irene :)

    And Diane, thank you so much for the insight. I actually do prefer 3rd person more, but I love 1st. I feel like it's more natural for me to do 3rd. It's hard being inside their head all the time. And I like the flexibility you can receive by writing in 3rd (changing POV). I would definitely love you as a critique partner and for some help as to where to send it! I'll be emailing you hun.


  4. yay for writers! :)
    keep that pen going...

  5. Don't worry too much about grammar and spelling, shh, that's your editors job! My husband has published 4 books and trust me, I gawp at his proofs and their awful spelling!