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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writing Flow

 It's an amazing feeling to go from writer's block to a writing flow.

I went to the park the other day and wrote, and added so much to my first chapter. It's finally how I wanted it to be. Mind you, I have other chapters, but the first one was bugging me intensely. I need a hook...a hook that would grab readers; I finally got to that point.

Now I stay up till about 2 am almost everyday: I can't stop writing. I don't want to stop writing.
 My thoughts and the words are pouncing into my mind faster than I can write or type. It's actually quite amusing and is something else I love. So much better than sitting there staring at a blank parchment not having a thought in the world to lead you.
Writing is such a beautiful process. There's something so poetic about it and the words suck you in. It's wonderful that authors can create something so magical and oh so powerful.

You hold the world in your hands.

There is no ending in that.


  1. congrats! That's great! I hope you keep it up. I find that I can write better when I'm sad.

  2. That's Great! I'm glad you finally got to where you wanted with the first chapter, that must feel great to have it how you want.

  3. Good for you!! Go with it!! It's a wonderful feeling!!

  4. Fellow aspiring author from 20-something bloggers popping in to say hi!