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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing Ideas

Where do you get your writing ideas from? Is it in your mind, outside sources, or both? Please do share! I love hearing POV from other writers/authors/bloggers! 
All I know is, I love that feeling you get, when it's like a lightbulb goes off inside your head and you cannot stop writing for the life of you! Unfortunately, I haven't felt that lately...I wonder if it's because I stopped writing for so long, but I've found some sources that can really help me. 

CreativeWritingPrompts.com, also gives over 346 prompts to help you get started! See, I need something like this. I'm usually an extremely creative person, and can come up with millions of fresh ideas, but because I'm trying to force out ideas, I'm all dried up. That's why free-writing has really helped me out lately. I saw that these books can really help, and I just bought them all on my Kindle (low prices too). 
I think like I said in my last post, writing takes practice, and you need to do it everyday. Even if tons of ideas aren't flowing into my head right now, I can still write. And hopefully it will then just come to me what I want to do and where I want to take it. 

We all know that writing is difficult; no one said it would be easy, but it's what we do. I'm not giving up! That's for darn sure. 

I'm actually going to my library today and instead of getting "how-to-write" books, I'm going to get a pile of children's books/YA novels, because I want and am craving IDEAS. I'm probably not going to read all of them, but I'm going to skim over them. And by no means am I "taking or stealing ideas" from other authors, but I'm trying to get inspired. 

All I know is, you take it each day as it comes, and I'm thankful for this process. I love waking up each day excited to write and wonder where it will take me for the day. 

Happy Writing! 


  1. I usually get mine while I'm doing something that doesn't require much thought (chores, dishes, showers, etc). Being active while letting your mind wander does it for me. :)

  2. In addition to the ones I wrote on my blog, sometimes a page of dialogue will come to me while I'm DRIVING...not safe when I'm dying to write them down on scraps of paper at stop lights. Or while I'm getting ready for the day. Running, thoughtless manual labor, etc...all lend my mind an escape into the creative world. Neat blog. Great to connect. :) - Lo lojwriting.blogspot.com

  3. When I was working on my book, I went to the library and opened up everything in my genre to get inspired. It's very motivating to find something that resonates with your own style of writing.

  4. i need to check out these creative writing ideas! i love to write, on my blog and elsewhere. right now, i write mostly for myself, but i aspire to do more than that! as for blogging ideas, i typically base my post on pictures, emotions, daily events, etc. but i am often in need of inspiration! your blog is lovely! cannot wait to read more :)

  5. The idea for my current WIP came from a place I visited that I just could NOT stop thinking about. Sometimes I get ideas from songs, or pictures, or dreams. Anywhere, really :) Have fun at the library! I hope you find inspiration!

  6. Just had to say I visited your blog from Lo's blog and I love it! There is so much I want to look at but don't have time right now, not to worry I will be back!!

    I hope you find that spark soon, I wish I could bottle the things that inspire us for use again later but I don't know about you the same thing never inspires me twice. Songs, photos, just dropping off to sleep; I can never predict when those gems of ideas will creep up on me! I wish I could as I currently need inspiration to move my current project forward!

  7. I usually get inspired when I'm not really thinking about much at all. I might be falling asleep, walking around or even driving. Hoping to get very inspired this weekend on vacation. :)

  8. WOW, thanks everyone!!

    These are such great responses and suggestions. Really appreciate them!