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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Words of the Past

Thank you for those who commented on my last post! Some of you offered to become critique partners so to that I say lets keep in touch!

So it's Saturday morning and I'm cleaning my room when I stumble upon a large box under my bed. I'm not going to lie I had no idea what was inside. When I opened it, the things all but exploded out and it was all about ME.

All my old assignments growing up that I kept from school, old class pictures, letters, etc. The best part of it was seeing a binder with all the poems I made when I was in middle school and when I was in tenth grade (for assignments). I also found a little book I was writing. I was writing it in 3rd grade. The handwriting is so cute, and of course I'd appreciate that because I'm a teacher and I think the first handwriting of a child is so beautiful because their hand is developing (another story completely).
Book full of poems I wrote
My story from 3rd grade 
I opened this stuff and took a peek, and I really did get sentimental. If anyone in my life doubted that I loved to write at a small age, then look at this now pile sitting on my bed. I've loved to write since I was able to write. But it went even before then - I was a storyteller. I would gather the stuffed animals around me and tell them stories of castles, tree houses, catching fairies. My mom has a picture to prove it. I've always had such a while imagination. My cousin and I would play detectives in the backyard and write down our observations, or we would become mermaids in my swimming pool. If only we could keep that exact state-of-imagination through our journey of becoming adults...but then again, I sort of have. I think when we writing fantasy fiction, or any writing for that matter, we are reverting back to the 5 year olds we used to be. It's harder, yes of course it is, but it can be done. We have to let go of the ridicule we think we'll receive from adults. That's why I love working with my young students. They don't have any boundaries yet. They don't get embarrassed about how they act or look. They just look at the world in pure wonderment and awe. They help me look at the world in that way as well. So everyday with them is an adventure.

How old were you when you started writing or storytelling? It's a gift...truly it is! Please do share. I'm going to share a poem I wrote from 7th grade. It's not the best, but it makes me smile. Enjoy.
And this poem seems so appropriate now that it's a blizzard outside - literally in a matter of two minutes! WOW. Check out my Saturday morning on VINE. It consists of writing, blizzard, and of course drinking coffee out of my owl mug! 



  1. I wish I had kept a very short story I wrote as a child -- it might have been between a coin and a pay-phone.

  2. Oh my gosh, how sweet! I have a book like that, too. Maybe all writers do? I don't know! But it sure is fun to look back and see how far we've come :)

    1. It is fun!! We all start somewhere and it shows when we were writers from the start!

  3. Cool post, it reminds me of writings I've had buried in my desk. Neat blog:)