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Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Just Keep Swimming!"

I've decided I'm taking a note from Dory: "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

I've gone through all sorts of thoughts today as I've officially started NaNoWriMo.

I went from:

  • Somewhat having an idea
  • To not liking it
  • Free-writing more ideas
  • Going to generators to gain ideas
  • To having the generator send me back to my previous idea
  • To using my idea but with a "twist."
  • To writing away
  • To hitting my goal mark!!
  • To getting bored with the idea
  • To realizing I want to change it further
  • To writing way more than I thought I would today
A whomping: 3,708 words and four chapters. ***

That's huge in my writing goal! 

What a day, huh? 

Maybe Daylight Saving is my best friend. Or the fact that it's Sunday aka "Lazy day." I better write while I'm excited and ahead, because I have a long busy week ahead!

Overall, I'm excited about this idea. It's a mixture of so many things that interest me and have made an appearance at one point of my life. It's a tad bit darker than I usually write, but it isn't too scary. Mind you, I'm writing for Middle Grade children (I hope it'll stay that way throughout the book). 

At this point, I'm letting my mind drive the wheel and my fingers are on autopilot. 
I don't want to think about the "result," just the "process." 

But I will say at this point, the book is called: "Unfinished." 

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