“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."


This will be a mixture of my poems & others that I admire.

A Shining Jewel
"Dedicated to Nancy Klekas"

I hope you know dear friend, 
you were a miracle. 
One in a million. 
Your smiling face, 
was that of a sweet embrace. 
The beauty of you, 
shined on the inside, 
as well as on the out. 
Your love melted the pain away.
I just wish the suffering had gone away.
The world has lost a shining jewel,
one of which is rather cruel. 
But I shall not fear,
for you'll always be near. 
Won't you dear? 
You were a gift,
and now the world will shift. 
For how will we carry on,
without you to lean on?  
You fought the battle hard and wise. 
But now it's time to close those eyes.
People come and go they say, 
I only wish that you could stay. 
Didn't want to say goodbye. 
But then again, 
it's for a while. 
For we will never truly part,
for you shall shine inside my heart. 

"Dedicated to my step-father"

Why do I feel so helpless?
I cannot pick you up when you fall. 
Seeing your strength melt away.
Your sadness washes your happiness away. 
Wishing I could put your pieces back together.
Fitting them like a puzzle. 
Making you whole again. 
But they will no longer fit as one,
You are broken. 
Will my prayers reach to you in time? 
No one can know for sure,
but one thing is certain, 
You are broken. 
At a time you held your head high. 
You were proud.
And you were strong. 
The bravest one of all. 
But our life as shattered, 
You are broken. 
Once you held me way up high. 
High enough to touch the sky. 
You were the glue that kept us going.
Finally we smiled from your touch. 
But that happiness is gone now. 
The tears have taken its place. 
For it will never be the same, 
You are broken. 

-Jessica Ruud